Frühlingsputz: Fenster und Glasduschen putzen

After a long winter and the first warm rays of sunshine, many of us feel like a thorough spring cleaning. For a crystal-clear view, here are a few simple tips on how to best clean and care for the windows and glass surfaces.

The most important point is not to use any aggressive agents on the glass surfaces. Likewise, no scouring pads should be used.

It is best to use a lot of water and a little spirit to remove the limescale.

If the water is very hard, you can also use lime-dissolving cleaning agents such as Antikal or Cilit Bang to clean the shower cubicle. Then dry the surfaces with a leather cloth.

Simple tips for care in between

Basically, we recommend that you follow the care instructions for our shower enclosures made of SGG TIMELESS® glass with a pearl effect. These are: After each use, rinse the surfaces with plain water and use a soft rubber squeegee to remove the remaining water. This keeps the glass in perfect condition.

The Plickert team wishes you a lot of fun cleaning and a nice spring!


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